For Everyman by Jackson Browne

For Everyman is the second album by American singer/songwriter Jackson Browne, released in 1973.

“For Everyman” is Jackson Browne’s second album. Highlights s include “Our Lady of the Well,” “I Thought I Was a Child,” and of course, the title track.

Interestingly, this album also features two songs that would go on to become popular records for other artists. “Take It Easy” became the Eagles first hit, and “These Days” was a popular record for Gregg Allman.

Browne’s lyrics are often melancholy, but they are hardly of the simple “lost love” variety. A sense of sadness and despair often permeated his early work.

The songs are mostly mid-tempo, piano driven affairs. “Redneck Friend” picks up the pace, however, with a 1950’s- style rock feel.

Another highlight of this album is the brilliant accompaniment of mult-instrumentalist, David Lyndley. He plays acoustic and electric guitar, as well as mandolin. His work shines throughout.

“For Everyman” is a fine example of the southern California singer/songwriter era. The album is a clinic for aspiring songwriters.


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